Drug discovery using next-generation antibodies and aptamers against GPCR.



Collaborative developments and contracted researches related with some next-generation antibodies(EME Cyclic peptide library,Camelid single heavy-chain antibody) and aptamers using cDNA display that is an in vitro peptide and protein selection has been developed by Saitama University researchers.

One of our purposes is to design next generation antibodies including VHH and peptide aptamers against GPCR which is difficult to make antibodies.

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  1. Drug discovery and development of next generation antibodies including peptide aptamers against GPCR and other drug targets (collaborative research and alliance with pharmaceutical companies)
  2. Contracted Research and Development (Next generation antibodies, peptide aptamers)


corporate development

  • 1985

    The research of evolutionary molecular engineering has started at Saitama University (Japan).

  • 1997

    In vitro virus (mRNA display) method (one of virus-like genotype-phenotype linking strategies) was developed by Dr. Nemoto, Prof. Husimi, Dr. Yanagawa (Mitsubishi Kagaku Institute of Life Sciences & Saitama University).

  • 2008

    cDNA display method (improved version of mRNA display) was developed by Dr. Nemoto and his colleagues at Saitama-Bio project (JST)/ The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)/ Saitama University.

  • 2014

    High-speed preparation method of cDNA display was developed by collaborating with Prof. Fujimoto (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; JAIST).

  • 2015

    Filing of patent application for high-throughput system of cDNA display screening (exclusive license for use of the patent from Saitama University)

  • 2016/8/19

    EME was established at Saitama University.

  • 2017/4/1

    EME started business at Room 201 of Open Innovation Research Center in the campus of Saitama University.

Corporate Profile

  • Corporate name

    Epsilon Molecular Engineering, Inc.

  • Head office location

    Saitama, Japan

  • President

    Naoto Nemoto

  • Establishment

    August 19, 2016

  • Business description

    ■ Research and development of biotechnology
    ■ Contracted research of biotechnology
    ■ Consulting of biotechnology
    ■ Information management service of Bioinformatics

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Yuzuru Husimi

    (Evolutionary Molecular Engineering)

  • Kenzou Fujimoto

    (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; JAIST, Nucleic Acids Chemistry)

  • Jyunichi Nakai

    (Saitama University, Optical Imaging)

  • Yuzuru Tozawa

    (Saitama University, Cell-free translation system)

  • Akikazu Murakami

    (Ryukyu University, Construction of Biological library)

  • Tai Kubo

    (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology; AIST, Membrane protein)